Our Offer

Full service company

Comprehensive services in the field of steel structure production and shipbuilding services

Production of steel constructions

Products made ​​of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Shipbuilding services

Construction of new ships and a variety of structures of steel and aluminum.


Production of steel constructions


Shipbuilding services

We offer you our services in the construction of new ships and a variety of structures of steel and aluminum. We make complex repairs and rebuilding.

We fill of orders for the steel and aluminum equipment of a ship. The companys offer is also isolation works on vessels, such as thermal isolation, acoustic and fire.

We undertake orders for the entire hull of the new units as well as individual sections. Our employees are empowered to perform the work in both steels (including stainless) as well as aluminum.

The construction of new ships

  • research vessel - deep-sea boats
  • military vessels
  • rekreacyjne – jachty, żaglówki
  • towarowe – drobnicowce, kontenerowce, masowce
  • technical - floating crane, floating dock
  • transportation - barges, pontoons
  • passenger - ferries, cruise
  • special - lifeboats

Complex repairs and reconstruction

  • of all vessels
  • different parts of the ship such cargo, plating, etc.

Vessel equipment

  • vessels piping
  • fixtures (eg, cable paths, stairs, ladders, shelving, etc.)


  • cabins of the vessel,ships holds,cargos, refregerators
  • air ducts, conditioning and combustion channels
  • pipelines
  • timbering with plate and facing plate